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Can I disassemble my modular safe?

Yes, your modular safe disassembles in minutes, so you can easily relocate it to another room or take it with you when you move.

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How much fire protection do I get with a SnapSafe Modular Safe?

You get a full 1½” of ceramic fiber fire protection rated at 2300° degrees for one hour, not just drywall like some fire protection safes. In addition, it features door seals that expand during a fire to seal the contents from hot air and water damage.

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Do SnapSafe modular safes meet California fire and theft protection specifications?

Yes. If properly bolted down, SnapSafe modular safes meet the California protection specifications for safes and security cabinets.

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Do I need double fire protection for irreplaceable documents?

Fire protection on a modular safe is rated at 2300°F for one hour to provide dependable document security. However, we recommend home safes and security vaults that store important paperwork should also use a fire resistant document box and then put the box in the safe for extra protection.

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Can I move and assemble my modular safe by myself?

It just depends on the model. Our Titan and Super Titan models can usually be moved by one person, depending on the physical condition of the person doing the assembly. On the Super Titan XL and XXL, you will need another person to help with assembly. It is good practice to have someone with you no matter what model you are assembling.

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How long does it take to assemble a modular safe, and will I need tools?

Assembly of a modular safe takes about 30 minutes or less on the Titan, and 30-60 minutes on the Super Titan, Super Titan XL and Super Titan XXL. The modular assembly system requires no tools besides the included wrench. Each piece is clearly labeled to make assembly simple and intuitive.

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Should I bolt down my SnapSafe?

We recommend bolting modular safes and some special safes to the floor using two ½” wedge anchor concrete bolts through the predrilled holes in the bottom of the safe.

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Should I install a dehumidifier in my SnapSafe modular safe?

Yes, we recommend installing a dehumidifier in your modular safe to help control moisture and humidity. SnapSafe offers a variety of dehumidifiers.

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What if the batteries die on a safe with an electronic lock?

All SnapSafe modular safes are combination safes that feature electronic locks with non-volatile memory. This means your combination code is retained even if the battery has gone dead and is no longer powering the lock. If this happens, simply replace the battery. For added security, you can deliberately remove the batteries from the lock and replace them when you need access to the safe.

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How much will I be charged for shipping?

Shipping in included with the purchase of every safe. In addition, your SnapSafe modular safe is delivered right to the "threshold" of your door or garage door.

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