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Don't throw away the key. Update the door instead.

You need to keep guns, cash or tools safe at your home or business. So, what do you do? You might put them in a closet, storage room or garage, shut the door and turn the key.

That’s a start, but any room is only as secure as its door and lock. Most doors are made of wood, and most locks have one bolt. But what if you could replace that door with one made of steel and replace that one bolt with eighteen bolts?

Now you’ve taken a giant leap forward in security. In fact, with the SnapSafe Vault Room Door, you can change any closet, room or storm shelter into your own personal vault room.

Superior features equalexceptional security

The SnapSafe Vault Room Door surpasses other doors because of its high-quality features:

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Thick steel

Door, frame and exterior made of 12-gauge steel
SnapSafe Live Locking Bolts image

More bolts

Nine locking bolts and nine dead bolts lock into frame
SnapSafe SecuRam lock image

Locked down

Secured with SecuRam digital lock with key backup

Why have a box when you can have a whole room?

The No. 1 advantage of adding a SnapSafe Vault Room Door to your basement storage room, man cave or garage is, of course, enhanced security. No one will be kicking down this door or popping it open with the old credit-card trick.

A freestanding safe or lock box can deliver great security, too, but the Vault Room Door provides advantages neither of those options can offer.

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A vault room allows you to put all your valuables in one place for safekeeping.


You can show off your guns, art, jewelry or collectibles rather than tucking them away.


The Vault Room Door secures existing space, rather than taking up space, like a safe.


Add the door to an existing room or include a vault room in new construction.


The SnapSafe Vault Room Door costs thousands less than many comparable solutions.

Perfect storage for tools or treasures

Whether at home or work, the volume and variety of items you can secure with the Vault Room Door is limited only by the size of your room and the vastness of your imagination.

At HomeProtect

Firearm image
Handguns & long guns
Cash and Coins  image
Cash & rare coins
Jewelry image
Jewelry & heirlooms
Passport  image
Passports & documents
Vault Door-handle only image

Security at Work

At work, The Vault Room Door can secure:

  • Cash & Checks
  • Valuable Supplies
  • Records & Computer Backups
  • Tools & Electronics

A more secure home or office in a snap

The SnapSafe Vault Room Door is delivered directly to you, and two people can install it in an hour or less using the instructions, tools and hardware included.

75415 Vault Door image

The Vault Room Door fits standard-size openings and includes the following specifications:

36" door opening

  • Door height: 81"
  • Inside clearance width: 31.4"
  • Outside width: 36.8"
  • Weight: 350 pounds

32" door opening

  • Door height: 81"
  • Inside clearance width: 27.4"
  • Outside width: 32.8"
  • Weight: 330 pounds
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SnapSafe® Vault Room Door

Turn any room into a vault room!