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SnapSafe Customer

Gentlemen or ladies or whom it may concern,

I am sending you a note of gratitude for what seems to be a very high quality product. My wife and I just installed the vault door we purchased from you. We painted the door and jamb with six coats of white deltron auto paint. Installation was a breeze, trimmed out and pinstriped it looks fantastic in our family room. Please see the attached pictures.

Many thanks, SnapSafe Customer

Bob - Kansas

I recently purchased four Titans. I had been shopping for a good fire safe for some time, but always ran into the same issue, I couldn’t find a dealer that would deliver a safe and install it in my basement. The firearms safes I was interested in were too heavy to be carted up or down stairs. After a lot of research I bought four SnapSafe Titan breakdown gun safes. I moved each safe, one carton at a time from my front door to the basement and easily assembled them without help. I bolted three of them side-by-side to the concrete wall and also bolted them together, which took very little extra time.

In many ways four smaller residential safes are better than one big one. You have more integrity with 4 times as many locks to get past. Plus, I really like being able to devote each safe to a different category of items. One is just for shotguns, two for rifles and handguns and the fourth for ammunition.

The best part was the way SnapSafe treated me as a customer, always responding to my questions and special requests in a timely, friendly, and professional manner. If I need additional safe storage, I will buy from SnapSafe.

Bill - Missouri

WOW! I’m impressed. I received my safe two days ago and waited to this morning to put it together. I unpacked each box and part and inventoried them. I then carried each piece up two flights of stairs to my bedroom closet to create a convenient closet gun safe. I followed the directions on each part sticker (these things are the nuts) and "snapped" my safe together in 22 minutes.

Barry - New Jersey

I have to tell you, you couldn't pay for the advertising I'm doing for you all. I'm hard pressed these days to find anyone who gets behind their product like you guys at SnapSafe. Everything on the safe is working great. I just have to take her apart and bring her down to my local range and put on show on how easy it is to put together and how rock solid it is.

Mark - New Jersey

Upon receiving my Titan I was immediately impressed with the packaging…well structured and well marked with the contents of each box. My Father and I got to work unpacking the boxes and carrying each part down in to our basement office. We completed the assembly in a half hour, the safe went together quickly and easily “with no tools” as advertised. The only bad thing was we placed it next to our traditional gun safe that cost 4 times more and took 7 of us to carry in to the basement…..wish we would have known about Snapsafe then.

Stan - Wisconsin

I share ownership of a cabin with friends. I was tired of transporting my guns to and from the cabin, so I looked for a secure gun safe or gun locker for anti-theft storage at the cabin. I shopped for a safe but when I found out the shipping costs to Solon Springs I couldn’t believe it. The shipping costs were 40% of the cost of the safe - and then they would only drop it at the curb. A buddy told me he had read about Snapsafe and I checked you out. I hate to assemble things but putting the Titan together was intuitive and easy. I decided to put the safe in my upstairs bedroom closet because I could. I tell everyone I know about you!

Bill - North Dakota

I bought 2 of your security gun safes.  One for my home and one for my hunting cabin.  These safes are great!  Easy to assemble/install and such a quality built product.  Thanks Snap-Safe!!

D. Bell - Florida

I chose your SnapSafe™ Titan Closet Vault because we will be relocating soon, and the cost of having a traditional safe this size moved was prohibitive. SnapSafe exceeded my expectations. It easily holds all our valuables and irreplaceables. We took a 4-month trip after the safe was installed, and it was the first time I really felt our things were not vulnerable. Thank you for an excellent product and great customer service.

Kevin - Arkansas

Tom, again I just want to thank you for your concern and persistence in helping get to the root of the problem and working to a quick resolution. I appreciate your giving me your cell phone number over the weekend as well as being less concerned with the expired warranty and more concerned with helping out. In today's world of third world call-centers, it is a pleasure to deal with a business owner who wants to put a good product out there that works. I appreciate your help and I really like my SnapSafe and will recommend it to all.

Nathaniel - Rhode Island

The customer service from SnapSafe is top-notch, I don't think I have ever dealt with a company so responsive and accommodating to customer needs. When my safe arrived, the rear interior panel had been crushed in shipping. SnapSafe immediately shipped out a new interior panel, a new exterior panel and a new fire blanket, free of change! When I got the safe assembled, I was very impressed by how rigid and secure it was. It is just the perfect size, it fits nicely in my basement alcove and I was able to move it and assemble it entirely by myself, neither of which I could have done with a welded safe.

Barry - New Jersey

You at SnapSafe are better then good. I was talking you all up at last Friday night at the Friends of the NRA Banquet. They had a raffle for a gun safe and everyone was saying how damn heavy they are to move around and get into your house. I told the guys at my table that SnapSafe, that they were built like a brick, and that my wife and I had it together in 30 minutes. I can’t wait to tell everyone about the outstanding service and will be recommending you all to everyone at my shop and local range.

Jim - New York

I put the safe together, and it went together well. I am impressed with how easy it was and how secure it is.

Thanks again. If I ever need another safe, I know where to go. I will heartily recommend you, your safe and your fine service to anyone who I talk to about safes!

Duffey - Texas

Safe arrived on time. No problem putting together, did have another set of hands. Steve at snap safe was very helpful helping me fix a problem that I created myself. He returned calls after hours and on the weekend. Great safe. Great company!

Steve - South Dakota

All 4 safes are put together and are great! Thanks a million.

Matt – Georgia

Thanks to the awesome folks at Snap Safe for designing something easy to assemble yet secure enough to protect my firearms. I know a lot of guys who move a completely assembled 600lb safe upstairs and complain about back pain the next day. 350 lbs and a flight of stairs later -- no back pain for me!

Bob – Washington

Shipping company was outstanding. Good ability to track the shipment on their website. Easy to arrange for delivery after receipt at the destination terminal. Packing & crating of the safe was very very good. Nothing was damaged or missing. Assembly was easy. I had previously watched the assembly video several times, in fact I watched it before I decided to purchase the safe – video is a good marketing tool. All the parts fit together perfectly.

Michael - California

I am really enjoying my Super Titan XL! Assembly was much easier than I anticipated and the quality of the components is outstanding. My only concern is somehow I have managed to just about fill it and I will need to call you soon to order another one! I am extremely grateful for the manner in which Snap Safe responded to the issue I had with the shipping company. Although you were not in any way at fault nor responsible, your extremely gracious and generous response was far and above any I have ever received from any other business. Thank you for the outstanding customer service!!!

Ed - Flordia

The process of purchasing a safe from you, the product, and assembly has been great and professional. Your customer service is the best. Thanks for a great product and your help with the purchase.

Steven - Kentucky

Wonderful Safe looks very nice fits well in my closet! It was very heavy but not so heavy that a friend could not help me with I. Assembly took about 40 minutes, not as long as I had anticipated. Would buy again and I wish I had room for a larger safe too! Delivery was painless, called and let me know when the delivery would be at my home, and he was about 15 minutes early. Very nice and professional and helped me get it up to my porch which has almost a 45 degree incline to it!! Never acted as if it bothered him and was pleasant the whole time , even helped me take off strapping around the box. Couldn’t have ask for more. I also order shelving and it came a few days before. Your customer service is #1 to me, would recommend your product to anyone.

Joe - New Jersey

I apologize for getting back to you so late. I can't remember if I let you know the electronic combo lock came in. Also, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the small gun vault, my wife told me she keeps it secured by the bed so that she can have the pistol out at night and locked up during the day (because of the kids), while I am away for a while. I truly appreciate your support as a service member, and as always I cannot say enough good things about your safes. I just wish I had more room upstairs to put in a bigger one. God Bless you, your family, and your company.

Mike - Michigan

"I got my Titan Digital today (and all is good). Looks good everything fit good and assembled very easy. I made it harder on myself only by not having a 9V battery so I could take the door off the frame, but still managed to carry it up stairs myself. Just wanted to thank you again, very nice honestly marketed product (which is hard to find these days)."

RK - Ohio

"I purchased both a Snap Safe Super Titan and a vault door. Vault door for my storm room and the safe inside. Great Combo excellent product and scary fast delivery."

Dale - Washington

"Thank you! The safe was easy to put together and very good quality. I have peace of mind that if and when I need to move it, I can unbolt it from the floor and not have to hire someone to help. "

Frank - Utah

"I needed some safes that would go in a small space. After preparing a scale drawing of the room and the various SnapSafes, it became apparent that three TitanXL safes would fit the determined space while providing plenty of gun storage capacity. My compliments to Willie at SnapSafe, who provided advice and support all along the way: he was professional and committed to providing me with a solution that worked for me.

The three safes were delivered promptly to my mountainous community location with great service from the freight company. I found that the capacity of the Super Titan XL really as advertised; other safes I have owned could not hold as many long guns as they claimed. I have already recommended SnapSafe to my friends. An excellent safe! Thanks!"

Evan - Florida

Thank you for sending me the extra shelves. The interior configuration for long gun and pistol storage was worthless to me, but now with the extra shelves I can store my entire coin collection securely. I was afraid about being able to put the safe together (I am not mechanically inclined) but the part stickers and assembly sheet were very easy to follow. Please notify me when you get the next shipment of Little Titans as I want to purchase one for my daughter in NYC

BJ - Texas

GREAT PRODUCT! It met and exceeded my initial expectations!

Shane - North Carolina

I got my snap on safe on a Friday afternoon. I was really impressed with how well it was packaged and protected. It took me all of 26 minutes to put it together. This is a great system, I am very satisfied. Thank you

Tim - Oklahoma

The safe was everything that was advertised and more. I am very satisfied with my purchase and will soon be purchasing another.

Greg - Ohio

GREAT PRODUCT! I wish all companies worked on the high credibility of this one. Buy with 100% confidence.

Bob - Illinois

Fast service and great communication.  Thank you!

Kevin - Minnesota

I’ve wanted a home gun safe for a while now, but knowing I will be moving within a year or two made me hesitant to buy one. The SnapSafe was a perfect fit for me. It showed up in less then a week, and I got it together – with no help – in less than 30 min. Now I know my important documents and valuables are safe, and my safe moves when I move.  Thanks SnapSafe!

Ray - Tennessee

I got my Snapsafe Titan today.  The guy who delivered the safe was very pleasant and worked with me like your email said.  He came right at 5:00 like he was supposed to and dropped the skid in my garage.  I opened the boxes and put it together in about 40 minutes.  Really a neat system.

Nelly - Colorado

I'll admit, even after I spoke with you on the phone I was a little skeptical... but I gotta say... this safe is really the nuts!  It went together very easily and is really sturdy.  Now my papers and jewlery are safe and secure and just around the corner in my hall closet.  Thanks for being as advertised.

Michael - Missouri

We put our Snap Safe together last night.  I have to say we were very impressed!  A friend of mine and I put it together in about 40 minutes, and that was after 6 beers each.  Your safe was the perfect solution for the old farm house, with the narrow, angled steps and small landings.  This is a really cool product.

David - Louisiana

I'll be sure to tell all of my friends about your awesome service!! I'll send you a picture of my install soon.

Dan - California

This safe is such a great idea for people who live in condos and/or need to install in a 4th floor location (no elevator).

Chuck - Virginia

Just received the shipment this afternoon. Thanks for the fast delivery.

Brandon - Texas

Thank you very much. I love the safe. Very easy to set up. Don't be surprised if I order another. I wanted to insure I liked it before getting another. Perfect for my small space.

Brian - Indiana

Thanks for the swift reply fast shipping. You run a quality business selling a quality product. Thanks again.

Doug - California

Thanks for the note. My brother bought the same Snap Safe last year and I have admired it ever since. I had to wait until after the holidays to order my own but I am in no rush.

Steve - Kentucky

Received Friday PM....put together Sat and bolted to concrete floor Sunday. The service from Steve was outstanding. The Safe is very secure. Can sleep much better now and leave house without the worry I used to have. Thanks for a great experience! Highly recommend. The Super Titan has oodles of room!

Bob - Virginia

You don't get a lot for $1,000.00 these days but this safe is a true exception.

Susan - California

I am excited to have received my Titan safe. This is my first safe purchase, so I had questions before buying, and they were promptly answered. I decided on a modular "closet" safe and this fits the bill perfectly, especially if I ever need to dismantle it. I put the safe together myself (just to see if I could) but had help lifting the door on. Every piece was labeled, and it was easy. It also holds other valuable items with room to spare. I set up the interior shelving to my liking. I would highly recommend the Titan safe to anyone. Very nice looking safe and I like the high fire rating protection. Thank you!

Larry - Texas

Doing business with you and SnapSafe was a pleasure.

Joe - California

I really am enjoying my Titan. I was able to get it up a flight of stairs no problem. This safe is stuffed. It holds 16 rifles as long as they do not have optics or protruding magazines. Thank you for producing such a useful product.

Chops - Illinois

My Super Titan was a sound investment in a quality product.

Natalie - Kansas

Thank you. We most certainly will pass along our accolades for Snap Safe to our family & friends. We love the safe and it's functionality. It's been a perfect fit for us. Again, many thanks!

Matt – New York

Thanks for a fantastic product! In my small apartment, it fits my needs perfectly, and knowing that I can move it piece by piece myself when I move is awesome – much better than a traditional safe and hiring a small army to deal with it. My girlfriend and I had it put together in 30-40 minutes. I am extremely satisfied, and will be suggesting your product to friends and relatives. Thanks again!

Rebecca – California

I love your company's safes. The ability to disassemble and relocate to another part of the house or for a move is very handy. Also very much appreciate the personal service and extra hand-holding to get my new mechanical combo lock working like a charm.

Eric - Maryland

Got it yesterday and set it up in an upstairs walk-in closet. The Super Titan is everything I ever wanted in a safe. The design is exceptional, I should know, I have been designing complex mechanical equipment for 35 years. It went together like a Swiss watch. The tolerances were perfect, high quality at an affordable price. I highly recommend this safe to everybody.

Steve - Rhode Island

I received the SnapSafe on Wednesday and put it together today. I watched the youtube video and it was easy. I brought all the parts upstairs and put it together in less than an hour. It was great doing business with you.

Neil - California

Thanks so much for the great service and now our peace of mind! We love our Super Titan XL. Would have no problem recommending you folks to anyone looking for a safe!

William - South Carolina

Listen here. I am going to be 80 years old next month. Your lifetime warranty does me no good - but it gives me great piece in mind knowing that my valuables are secure, and when I kick the bucket my children won't be cussing me when they have to move the safe out of the basement. I have total confidence the Titan will secure both my valuables, and my children's valuables for a long, long time.

Duane, Illinois

Just wanted to drop you a quick note letting you know I received the Titan safe in excellent condition and got around to setting it up today. I’m very pleased with this safe and very impressed with the overall fit and finish. More importantly it met both my needs and expectations. I’m very satisfied with your prompt service and attention to detail; I would not hesitate recommending this safe to others.

Maurice, New Jersey

I received my Titan yesterday - put it together in about 1 hour. Everything is great, I am very happy and appreciate the great customer service.

James, Maryland

I am nearly 81 years old, and installed my Titan in less than 1.5 hours by myself. Even installed the heavy door alone.The safe is robust, the digital lock is magnificent, and it arrived very quickly. Someone answered the phone every time I called....I couldn't be happier.

Greg, Michigan

I had recently purchased one of your Titan safes. The guy that I talked to on the phone was very nice, courteous and informed. The trucking company called just as planned and the date set. The morning that the safe arrived the driver was a half hour early. That doesn't usually happen. He helped me get the safe into my garage which I thought was very nice.

After I had unpackaged the safe, which I thought was extremely well protected, I proceeded to take the pieces down the basement. I had made a base stand out of 2x6 lumber just as a precaution in the event that I would ever get water.

Putting the safe together reminded me when I was a kid putting some kind of kit together. It brought back good memories. It was a SNAP. Just as you said it was. This kit was well planned out and I thought the quality was very good. How do you make such a good product at such a reasonable price. Good job SNAPSAFE. I am a very pleased customer