• Modular Safes

      Edward J. McGunn, a third generation safe builder, was frustrated by the cost and effort to move a safe to the second story of his home. What’s worse, after all the work, the final location still wasn’t ideal. He wondered, “There HAS to be a better way to move hundreds of pounds of steel from one place to another.” That’s when he thought of SnapSafe, a modular safe that would come in pieces light enough to carry and then securely lock together – anywhere.

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    • Specialty Safes

      SnapSafe offers a variety of specialty safes that are designed to protect valuables in your home, office or vehicle.

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    • Lock Boxes

      Protect your handguns, passports, sensitive documents, heirlooms, media cards and other valuable items in a durable and portable SnapSafe Lock Box. Available in three sizes, all sizes are available with key lock entry or owner-set combination entry.

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    • Accessories

      SnapSafe offers a variety of accessory products including organizers that help maximize the space in your safe as well as dehumidifiers and lights.

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Additional Shelves

Titan Shelf
Price: $25.00 ea.

Super Titan Shelf
Price: $30.00 ea.

Super Titan XL Shelf
Price: $35.00 ea.

Super Titan XXL Shelf
Price: $35.00 ea.

SnapSafe Lockbox
Price: $21 - $59 (depending on size) + shipping included

*Shipping to Alaska or Hawaii: Call 1-877-214-4470 for quote.